Code Matters // Bram Van Dam

Software Engineer & General Geek

Based in Antwerp


I love writing software and am passionate about delivering quality code. Mostly in Java, though I'm something of a polyglot. I approach development with a healthy mixture of pragmatism, perfectionism and skepticism. Been writing software in one way or another for over 20 years, tinkered with much more than I can either remember or write down. Big fan of fully automated build, test and release cycles. Pretty broad range of technical expertise and interests, including software engineering, architecture, technical coaching and infrastructure-as-code.

Skills, Tools & Interests

Programming languages of choice:
Java, PHP, Shell (zsh, bash), SQL
Database technologies:
Apache Solr, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB
Ant, Gradle, Git, Hibernate, Ivy, JAX-RS, Jenkins, JUnit, Spring, Maven, MQ, SonarQube, YourKit, ZooKeeper, ...
Linux (RHEL/CentOS/Rocky, Fedora, Debian), BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD), Ansible, KVM, AWS
Culture & methodology:
Agile, ”DevOps”, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Model Driven Architecture
Domain experience:
Finance, government, healthcare, adult entertainment
Areas of particular interest:
Performance, security, big data, concurrency, automation
Reasonably decent writer, communicative, assertive, jack of all trades



Principal Engineer 2012-...

INTIX is a rapidly growing company working on data archiving, searching, monitoring and interpretation in the sphere of financial messaging. My role is rather diverse and includes most of the low-level architecture & day-to-day technical decision making, development, technical interviews, some coaching, keeping an eye on code quality, release management, and R&D related to the flagship product. Current projects include horizontal scaling and Apache Solr magic. Because I'm a bit of a masochist, infrastructure is also under my purview. I started out as employee number 2, and I'd like to think that I and the company have both grown in various ways during my tenure.

Java, Solr, Big Data, scalability, distributed systems, code generation, data streams

Code Matters

Founder 2001-...

General software development/consulting. I support various developers in their operations. Mostly by writing code, including e-commerce and payment systems integrations. I help facilitate project setup, coach people on a technical level, and generally do whatever is required to help people with their software projects. I also provide infrastructure services (server setup/maintenance).


Co-founder 2016-2020

We created digital storytelling software for museums and tourism. I built a content management system and analytics engine for digital tour guides. The CMS can publish webapps and provision native Android apps.

Java, REST, JAX-RS, PostgreSQL, MyBatis, Solr, Analytics, Stream processing


Software Engineer 2011-2012

Worked on a platform powering live streaming websites. The platform enables partners to quickly create new websites, while taking care of video streaming, payments, model recruitment etc. My tasks included improving the old code base wrt maintainability & security; coaching the team in terms of continuous integration and unit testing; performance tuning and general PHP development.

PHP, MySQL, Java, Performance

Cronos (Faros, Foresee)

Java Consultant 2008-2011

I developed web applications for government bodies using various Java-related technologies, including JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, ...

Java, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, JSF, Spring, Hibernate